Daybeds With Trundle

By Edd D

March 22, 2014

Daybeds with trundle are becoming a very popular option for those looking to provide extra sleeping capacity within their home.trundle bed

Long gone are the days of the old trundle bed your granny used to have, as designers are aware of the demand for new and exciting designs, required by young and trendy home owners.

According to Google search statistics, “daybeds with trundle”, is searched for around 5000 times a month  and that’s just Google.

So why are these old fashioned daybeds with trundle becoming so popular?


The other popular search terms related to convertible sofa beds are enormously varied, with phrases such as:

Love seat sofa bed, Pull out bed, Convertible chair bed, cheap sofa beds, sleeper sofas, Roll away beds and folding beds.

As you can see, they are all space saving duel purpose beds, that can be used for seating as well.

The great thing about all of the above beds, is that can be used in almost any room in the home, including the home office come guest room.

Looking at the data, it seems that the decline and then the slow rise in the economy, has left a bitter taste in the mouths of consumers, and designers have realized that there is a gap in the market, especially as young people are purchasing smaller properties than ever before along with the older home owner downsizing to secure future funds for the future.

All of this has led to a big boom in online purchasing of more affordable furniture.

Why I purchased Daybeds with trundle

I recently moved into a new home with a spare room which I wanted as my office, but the wife had other ideas…

Having never had a guest room before, but often have friends and family over, it was getting a little tiresome waking up in the morning and having to creep through the lounge, where our guest would be snoring the head off, laid out on our sofa.

So we came to a compromise on the new office…we decided to make it duel purpose, and knowing that there are some pretty cheap sofa beds out there…

The next argument was going to be about the kind of furniture we would put in our new space.

The first thought was to have a sleeper chair, but occasionally our guest are couples, so we opted for something that would be compact as a sofa but would give the possibility to turn into something larger.

We looked at so many different forms of convertible sofa beds, from: cheap futons all the way up to a queen sofa bed.

Eventually, overwhelmed by so many options, we sat in one evening and browsed to interwebs until we found a delightful bright and funky selection of daybeds with trundle…On Amazon of all places.

Well we paid our money and hoped it would be all that we’d expected…

Just the job.

Now I have my office as-well as our lounge when guest stop over.
And we ony paid 299 including delivery.

And the miss’s is happy to.


Convertible Chair Bed

By Edd D

December 29, 2013

A Convertible Chair Bed is a great way to transform space that is not normally used for sleeping but could be used in the event of a sleep over by friends or family.

On of the most popular places for a convertible chair bed in in the home office, and also the workplace office.

many people are working longer hours and traveling further afield to their place of work.
If you are fortunate enough to have your own office, then a convertible chair bed is an ideal solution for those long nights at work.

convertible chair bed  Long gone are the days of drab color choices and the same old design.

There are in fact to many choices now days…but surly that’s a good thing!

Whether your chair bed is for the home or work place, you will find something to suit all tastes and designs.

Another great thing about fold out chair beds it that they don’t have to cost the earth.
There is so much competition out there now and new designers fighting for recognition, you can pick up a real stunner at really great prices.

But if you are looking for something a little higher up the price bracket, then there’s plenty to choose from also.

When is a convertible chair bed just a convertible chair bed.

Let me tell you…there is some crap out there!cheap convertable chair bed
I know because I have purchased some of it over the years, mostly when I had no money and lived in a tiny one room flat.
Even at those times I regretted wasting money on rubbish.

If you are thinking of spending money on an all foam pullout chair…DON’T.

The one pictured to the right is the kind that I had purchased as a student.

A cheap sofa bed, it gave me a bad back, it was no good for sitting on as it was to soft.

After one month it had totally lost it’s shape and the only thing it was good for, was burning…

Which I eventually did.

Think Style

Online shopping is so great…It opens your mind.

modern convertible chair bedThat’s right online shopping is great and it really does open your mind.

I remember shopping for furniture before the internet and it was not a great experience.

There was only a couple of cheap furniture stores near to us and you only had what they had in stock.

You never really got what you wanted…just what they had, that fitted into your price range.

But now we are spoilt for choice, as the internet allows us to see not just what we wanted to see, but also whet we didn’t know was available.

I recently purchased a loveseat sofa bed for a friend, but If I did not shop online, I can guarantee my local stores would not have had such an item as a loveseat sofa bed in stock.

At a guess I would say that most people that buy furniture from local, cheap furniture stores.
are not as satisfied as those that had their eyes opened buy the abundance of choice provided by the internet.

I for one would not have the furniture I have now, if I carried on going to those cruddy cheap furniture stores near to me.
Or if I had, I would of done my online research first.

Don’t be fooled by price

On the other side of the coin, buying direct from furniture stores, you do get to see and feel the goods first.

I read so many reviews online from people spending a minimal amount of money on an online purchase and expecting designer quality goods.

If it seems to good to be true then it probably is…

One of the down sides of online shopping is the sales pitch.
Sellers are able to write what they want and describe things with…lets say a slight exaggeration.

If you are spending hard earned cash, do your homework, contact the seller and check the returns policies.



Leanne Sofa Beds For Great Value

By admin

February 16, 2013

Leanne sofa bed

Sofa beds are truly one of the useful pieces of furniture that you can have inside your homes. These can be great for entertaining visitors and can even serve as a sleeping space in case you do not have a guest room. No matter what the purpose it is always nice to have sofa beds around your home. So, it is highly advised to invest on quality but cheap sofa beds. Where do you find these cool stuffs and how do you choose? Find out all the answers in this article.

Cheap Sofas Online Can Be Real Joy

The good thing these days is that you no longer have to leave the comforts of your home to shop for sofa because you can have by shopping online. One great example of reputable online store is Amazon and by going to this site you will come across with what you are looking for.

One of the amazing cheap sofa beds that they have is the “Leanne Sofa Bed” distributed by Comfy Living. This is one of the most appealing sofa beds that you will see online. Apart from the fact that it is very cheap at about £115, you will experience total satisfaction with its quality. This affordable sofa bed is available in various cotton drills such as the following:

  • Natural (Off-white)
  • Sand
  • Chocolate
  • Red

All of these shades look wonderful on the Leanne Sofa Bed and you just have to choose the one that suits your preference. No matter what, your interiors will always look amazing on these cheap sofa beds.

Check out more cheap sofa beds available at!


In Focus: Leanne Sofa Bed

The Leanne Sofa Bed is among the many sofa fixtures that you will encounter when shopping for sofa beds. fold out bed
This is most perfect for unexpected guests or simply for chilling out with friends.
Looking at this detailed review will make you fall into this product.



  •  Size

You need to consider your home space so that you can decide with confidence. The Leanne sofa bed is ideal for not so big living spaces. It has the following measurements: W122cm x D66cm x H84cm. When transformed into bed the width and length remains while the length extends to 185cm. These measurements are not bad at all if you have limited space.

  • Material

Sofa beds are available in various types of materials and the great thing is that the Leanne Sofa Bed is made from high quality fillings that are meant to serve you for long. It is made from 100% cotton sofa covers with cushions for support as well as pull out base and back rest.

  • Comfort

This is a major consideration when shopping for cheap sofa beds. The Leanne Sofa Bed is such an excellent choice as it is very comfortable. The two cushions of this sofa bed are very suitable for relaxing and sleeping. Plus, the sofa bed is very easy to fold out and in making it so lovely.

  • Price

For something that you can sit on for decades, paying about £115 for this Sofa Bed is something that will be worth it. It is very reasonably priced so you will not hesitate to empty out your pockets since it is a product of high quality.

Fold Out Double Bed

By admin

February 16, 2013

It is always a good thing to have the best sofa bed or fold out double bed around to keep your guests entertained and comfortable while they are visiting your home. These fixtures are very in demand these days due to the comfort and functionality that they offer. These can serve as sofa beds and can be transformed into bed when the needs arise. There are plenty of cheap sofa beds in the market most especially the online scene. So, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative shopping online can be most recommended.

The Beauty of Online Shopping

The great thing with shopping online is that you get to choose from a large pool of quality products. This is particularly the case if you are going to shop at Amazon which is the leading online store worldwide. This is where you will find almost anything like cheap sofa beds.

fold out double beds

One great option that you will find interesting is the “Fold out Double Foam Sofa Bed Chloe”. This particular model is brilliant as a sofa but can also serve its purpose as a functional bed. The main features of this fold out double bed are its supported arms made from sturdy and stylish wood material. It is available in two basic colours such as:

  • Black
  • Natural (Off-white)

Priced at £150, this sofa bed is being sold by Comfy Living can be the perfect choice for you.


Check out more cheap sofa beds available at!


In Focus: Fold Out Double Bed  By Chloe

There are several considerations when shopping for cheap sofa beds so that you will be assured that what you have is the best for your needs. Sorting out your options can be a good way to arrive at the most suitable product that will work perfectly for you. The certain aspects that you should consider include the following:

  • Size

You may want to make sure that the sofa bed you will purchase will have the proper measurements to suit your living space. This Fold out Sofa Bed is perfect for small and medium spaces as it has the following dimensions as sofa: W146cm, H70cm, D71cm and as bed: W135cm, L205cm, H10cm. If you think your home space can accommodate such size then give it a closer look.

  • Material

The material of the sofa bed you should purchase must be sturdy enough so that you can benefit from it for a very long time. This product is made from supportive wooden arms and 100% cotton sofa cover and high quality fillings. Its foam cushions and pull out base is so durable that it can withstand sitting and sleeping.

  • Comfort

This Fold out Double Bed can offer you immense comfort both when lying and sitting down. Its cushions have the most comforting firmness which matches its stylish appearance. Its cotton fabric cover makes it even more comforting so if you are looking for a refreshing and stylish piece of furniture it has to be this sofa bed.

  • Price

There are a lot of cheap sofa beds in the market that are of superb quality including this Fold out Double  bed. In fact, you would not mind paying about £150 for this stylish and functional product because you can definitely get the best value from your hard earned money.


Sectional Sleeper Sofa

By Edd D

August 26, 2013

sectional sleepr sofa




Sectional Sleeper Sofa including ottoman.

This sectional sleeper sofa from the very popular microfiber range, will suit those looking for a nice looking piece of furniture at a great price.

It comes with a faux leather ottoman, which I can say is not as big as it looks in the picture.
The sofa bed itself is part faux leather, layered with microfiber cushions that are all washable.

Dimensions are; 83 x 65 x 35 inches, making a great sectional sleeper sofa, for a someone wanting something on the smaller side, but yet very practical as a sofa for every day use.

Lets face it $385 is cheap!

It’s not going to be the best soft leather with the puffiest cusions you’ve ever seen.
It’s a cheap sofa bed.

Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa with Faux Leather Ottoman in Sage Color

Who’s it for?

If your moving  into a new home and want something that wont break the bank this is for you.

If you are waiting for new furniture and need something to fill the gap it’s for you.

If you don’t have a great deal of money, but want something that looks great and is comfy, it’s for you.

Who’s it not for!

If you want to spend $385  and get something that should be priced at $900. Its not for you.

If you think you are going to get top quality furniture for that price. It’s not for you.

If you are looking for something to sleep on every night. It’s not for you.

What is a Sectional Sleeper Sofa?

A sectional sleeper sofa is a piece of furniture that is made up of sections.
In some cases a sectional sleeper sofa can be made up of the sections in various ways.

The ones that can be changed around are great for those that need a sofa bed to fit in a room in a certain way

It may also be referred to as a sofa bed or in this case a cheap sofa bed.

Sectional sofas usually come in 2 – 6 parts with one part being the long part that forms the sleeper.

The sleeper part of the sofa bed is usually only a single and is purposed for the use of guest that will be requiring somewhere to sleep on a non permanent basis.



Cheap Sofa Beds Guide

By Edd D

August 15, 2013




There is such a wide variety cheap sofa beds, futons, pull-outs, fold downs, sectional sleeper sofa and much more available.

When looking to buy the best cheap sofa beds your money can buy, you want to take your time in choosing the right one for you and your purpose.

There are many reasons to choose a sofa bed or futon over a conventional sofa.

What Cheap Sofa beds!


      • Futons: perfect for a guest room, or furnishing on a budget. futons
        Futons are usually the starting point for people furnishing a home for the first time, but are also perfect for guest rooms, kids play rooms and any other situation other than permanent use. They can be very low to ground and start to sag after a lot of use. Most people that use the standard futon or funky futon as they are also known for prolong terms of sleeping can suffer back problems. But that said you could build your own and upgrade to better mattress.
      • Cheap Sectional Sofas: Sectional sofas have come along way in the over the years. cheap-sectional-sofas
        They were very popular in the 70’s and early 80’s and then faded out for a while before making a comeback.
        The comeback can be attributed to the type of properties we now live in and how our needs have changed.
        Furniture designers and technology have played a big part recognizing and creating for the needs of modern living.
        Sectional sofas are great for modern homes and offer that all important extra guest bed without needing the extra room in the home.


      • Twin Sleeper Chair: The perfect guest bed for any home or office. twin sleeper chair
        The twin sleeper chair seems a little old fashioned, but again all credit to the designers for bringing something my Nana used to have in her home, back from the grave.
        Big enough to sleep on for a couple of nights but purposeful enough to be used daily for seating.
        These are usually well made with a metal folding frame beneath the cushion which easily folds in and out.
        It’s almost like they had my Nana in mind when they created these. The mattresses are the best but OK for a couple of days, or more if your not to heavy.


      • Click Clack Sofa Beds: Click clack is the term used for these cheap sofa beds based on the folding mechanism. click clack sofa beds
        The mechanism is a metal hinged frame that folds the rear of the sofa frame down flat to the level of the base, creating a stylish and solid sofa bed.
        This form of sofa bed has been around for a long time but has been over looked by most except those looking for something a little more stylish.
        They have been used in offices and small apartments for a while, but have now become more main stream.
        They are usually very modern in design and can offer a great nights sleep as well as a very practical sofa.
        Again not my idea of a long term solution to a prolonged sleeping arrangement, due to the slight dip in the middle, where the back of the sofa folds down to meet the base.


Where to by the best cheap sofa beds!

Lets face it if we had the time, we’d all shop local.
We know who we are dealing with, we like tosee and try the products first.

Unfortunately we are in this world where local business can not compete any more on the high street.
Local business has gone underground, all except the big brands.

Unfortunately the big brands are not right on the door step and they don’t always carry the what your looking for.
I have often found it to be the case, that when I have wanted something from a big brand shop, there is a waiting time of upto several weeks.

Why online is best for cheap sofa beds

Variety variety variety…

You just don’t get that in shops now days.


The only person in the shop giving you a review, is the salesman.

Amazon is has to be one of the best places in the world to by almost anything.
Where else can you go to buy something where you can ask other customers what they thought of it first.
Where else do you get the chance to compare products without leaving your arm chair.

How to find other great deal online

We are all sick o advertising, but believe it not, those ads are very carefully created to coincide with a browsers history and location.
More often than not the ads you see will be from local businesses near you that want your money for their services and products.

Don’t be afraid to follow one of those ads it may lead you to what your heart desires.

All upholstered furniture must meet fire resistance standards. New furniture must be permanently labelled. Any second hand furniture made after 1950 must be fire resistant and meet certain tests.

Cheap Corner Sofas

By Edd D

May 25, 2013

An easy way to add low budget style to an open plan living area is add a cheap corner sofas.
Most people assume that open plan living should be or is expensive to furnish with style.

cheap corner sofas

Nothing could be further from the truth, especially with the way the economy is right now.
There is a ton of stylish low cost alternatives available to suite every budget.

The first thing to do is get over the fact that you cant always have what you want, but it is still possible to compromise a little.
Especially on furnishings, things like cheap corner sofas are not necessarily poor quality, it is often the case that competition has driven prices down considerably.

The problem a lot of us still have, is a belief that because something is cheap it has to be nasty.

We have been importing sofa beds for many years now and yes we do import some cheap and nasty products, but sometimes the customer wants something that is bottom of the chain to get them through a period, but we also import some great deals to.

But all of our sofa beds do comply with current fire and safety standards, so you can rest assured your safety is always paramount

As an importer it is in our best interest to offer great products at great prices.
Our agents spend a lot of time on bargaining with makers, to be able to offer these great deals.

So when you see the tag line cheap corner sofas, don’t always think low quality.
Ask a sales man for some info on the product and seek to find out how the price was reached and then see if they will come down further.

A little sales trick is to use the words “sale or cheap”.
It has been proven that a buyer will pay the asking price for a product, believing that the price has come down to it’s lowest already.

We Sell Cheap Corner Sofas

So in all honesty we don’t sell cheap corner sofas, we just sell corner sofas and double sofa beds at great prices.
The definition of a cheap product is when the buyer pays less than intended for something of value.

We believe that all of our Products are great value but cheeos to use the term “Cheap” as a marketing tactic.
The sooner people understand marketing, the sooner they will get great deals and not spend more than they have to.

Another trick of the trade is to overprice a product to make the customer believe that they are getting superior quality, when in reality it’s not always the case.

The sooner you begin to understand the power of sales, you will find that cheap corner sofa that you so desire.

remember something is only cheap if you paid less than it’s worth and not because it was on sale.

White Double Futon

By admin

March 14, 2013

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B003AKZN36″ locale=”us” height=”195″ src=”” width=”300″]

Pure White Double Futon


This white double futon will look great in any contemporary designed room or office.
It offers a modular style with a little bit of bling.

The good thing is “that bling wont break the bank”
This Amazon sold pure white double futon folds nicely into a twin bed, that would be suitable as guest bed or as a sleek looking sofa.

There are many ways in which this double futon will spice up the look of any room, including the ability to recline one part or both.

The frame is a stylish chrome base and is well supported to avoid sagging when used as a sofa bed, there is also a hidden leg that to give extra strength to the frame.

Put it in your office as a sofa for customers and the first thing they will think is “Style”.

pure white double futon

  • It converts quickly and easily
  • You can recline or lay flat
  • Surface wipes clean with a damp cloth

I would say that this is not a large double but is definitely a twin
The measurements are: 74 x 33.5 x 31.1 inches ; weight 108 pounds

There is also the option to buy a matching chair that would finish of and complement the look and styling of this Faux leather white sofa bed rather nicely.
Cheap sofa beds this is not, but rather a great looking piece of furniture at a good price.
The proof is in the reviews with five 5 star and 4 four star reviews.

It is definitely worth heading on over to amazon and checking it out for yourself, especially as it comes with free shipping for super savers.

 [easyazon-block align=”center” asin=”B003AKZN36″ locale=”us”]

Best Deal Sofa Beds

By admin

February 24, 2013

best deal sofa bedsI was going to write a top ten tips on buying the best deal sofa beds for your needs, that was until I came across a great post on the homesthetics site.

Buying a sofa bed may sound simple, you know you want something, say a “corner sofa bed” or your interested in “cheap sofa beds’ and you know your budget.

But the one thing most people don’t know what to do, is how to get the best deal sofa beds or the right piece if furniture for their lifestyle.

If I was to think to myself that I want to buy a cheap sofa bed then I will look for cheap sofa beds.
But If I say to my self “I have $200 and I am gonna get the best deal possible” then I have made the choice not to look for a cheap sofa bed but rather a great deal on an item that will compliment my home, office or other.

There is a lot of psychology involved in shopping and some basic skills that you will do well to hone if your gonna get the best deal sofa beds on the net.

Here is a link to Homesthetics – read their eight tips for buying a great sofa bed and be inspired to shop wiser every time.


8 Essential Considerations Before Buying a Sofa Bed | Homesthetics

A sofa bed is the simplest way to turn any room into a comfortable bedroom. Sofa beds are popular due to their versatility. It serves as a couch and can be used for sleeping as well, managing to serve both functions in small


Don’t do yourself an injustice by deciding you can only have what you think your budget will allow.
Shop around and get something great for your money.

A few $$$ can go along way if you play the game right.

Double Futon

By admin

February 16, 2013

Whether you are a homeowner or you live in an apartment or condominium, cheap sofa beds or a double futon that are of high quality can be a perfect addition to your interiors. These can serve your guests well for sleepovers and can be brilliant for relaxation as well. These are truly a valuable investment that everyone should not miss. Where and how you can find these amazing sofa beds depend on your shopping skills. To help you out, try to look online and see how much you can get out of your budget.

Shop Online For Quality Sofa Beds

The emergence of online shops has opened opportunities for everyone to shop in the comforts of own home. The world’s most recognized online store is Amazon so of you are planning to buy sofa beds why not try your luck at these stores and you might just find exactly what you are searching for.

One great sofa bed that you will find at this online store is the “Double Wooded Futon with Mattress”. Priced at around £ 105, this product is truly one of the cheap sofa beds around. This sofa bed is distributed by Comfy Living which can be bought in different mattress shades such as the following:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Natural (Off-white)
  • Chocolate
  • Cream

The wide array of choices lets consumers choose from basic colours to hip shades such as red. Hence, there can always be a Double Wooden Futon sofa bed for everyone’s preference.

Futon sofa bed

Check out more cheap sofa beds available at Amazon


In Focus: Double Futon – Wooden with Mattress

Sofa beds are truly an essential component of every interior. Shopping for these may look tough since there are plenty of designs and options that exist in the market but if you know exactly what you should look for there you can definitely make the best choice.

  • Size

The size of the sofa bed must be given much thought before you proceed with the actual purchase. The Double Futon sofa bed has dimensions ideal for kid’s bedrooms as well as conservatories. This cheap sofa bed as the following dimensions:

Chair mode – W135cm, H110cm, Bed mode – W180cm, H 113cm

If you have enough space to accommodate this sofa bed then this is absolutely a great pick for your home.

  • Material

It is important that you choose durable materials so that your sofa bed will lasts for long years. The Double Futon sofa bed is a great example of fixture that is composed of durability and quality. This set is made from robust pine frame and tufted, thick mattress filled with premium quality fillings.

  • Comfort

Comfort is one of the criteria that separate a good sofa from the poor ones. The Double Futon is a solid and comfortable sofa bed that has cushions with the right firmness. It is great for sleeping or just plain sitting making it a very good buy. Plus, it can be converted from a two person chair to a full sized bed in seconds which can be so convenient for everyone.

  • Price

The Double Futon is really offers the best value for your money. Although the design is pretty basic you will be impressed with its functionality. With its price tag at £ 105, it is still considered as one of cheap sofa beds around since similar products to this can cost 50% more.

Other #Futons & Pulloutsclose